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What's So Good About Good Friday?

Good Friday

Good Friday Meaning Metaphor North Arrow Shop

It's good because my kids are on Spring Break. They have the whole week off and I have the last two days off. Earlier today, we had breakfast at a place where there's also a playground. As my kids are eating pancakes and breakfast burrito, my six year old son read the sign on the playground and asked he asked me about it. I told him that area is only for kids three years old and below so that they won't get hurt by bigger kids. After finishing his last bite, my son went to play... and guess where he went? To the place I told him not to go to.


Good Friday is good because we are all like my son in some way. We veer towards the "forbidden spot in the playground". We can have the entire playground to our self and we are not satisfied. Our natural inclination is to covet what we cannot or should not have. This pursuit has brought humanity very far from God's will. BUT we have a good Father. He doesn't leave us... instead he pursues us. 


The first Good Friday, people realized just how much God loves humanity and how serious sin is. This day, a couple thousand years ago, Jesus, God in human flesh, died on the cross so that there can be a way for people who have chosen to rebel against God, to be forgiven, once and for all.  Romans 5:8 says this: "But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us!" (CSB). This love shined brightest on the darkest day in history. But this made the way so that anyone who will repent and believe in Jesus alone will be forgiven and reconciled to God - forever.


Good Friday is good because it reminds me that there is hope. There is hope for me, who just like my son, still veer towards sin. Good Friday is good because I am reminded that it is finished. The price for my sin has been paid. 


How has your day been? Has it been a good Friday for you? Would you pause and reflect even for five minutes how different our lives are because of good Friday

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